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    Tax advisory services for foreign companies

    Companies, executives, and private individuals can count on VGD to always find the most optimal tax solutions. We specialise in providing tax advisory services for foreign companies who do or want to do business in Poland.

    We are loved for our afternoon tea. Especially by the agents from the Tax Office.


    Having a proper understanding of tax laws is crucial for running a company. VAT, excise tax, double taxation, import tax, income tax – it’s a lot to grasp. We can help you minimise the risk by offering optimal tax solutions.

    Our team consists of fully proficient tax law specialists, well-versed in any industry. Their expertise serves as a guarantor of the financial safety of our clients. This allows us to promptly notify them of any code change, contributing to savings.

    Our company operates in 11 countries. Our employees learn international tax law at its source – during conferences and training throughout Europe and Asia. This allows us to always stay informed on the newest tax trends, standards, and regulations, both domestically and worldwide.

    Naturally, one could attempt to handle taxes by themselves. The internet is filled with articles and resources. But, are you sure you can trust them? Financial problem-solving takes time, resources and effort. It can be a potentially risky endeavour too! It is far easier to outsource your tax issues to a specialist company.

    We provide an array of tax advisory services for foreign companies, in particular:

    • corporate tax consulting;
    • income tax consulting;
    • advise ontax procedures and claims;
    • Value Added Tax consulting;
    • Personal Income Tax consulting;
    • registration and inheritance taxes;
    • Double Taxation Agreements;
    • salary splits;
    • transfer pricing;
    • ruling requests.

    Other services:

    Our vision

    We provide our customers with professional services, thoroughness included. When it comes to advisory, we strive to offer guidance, that we ourselves would find satisfactory for a renowned partner.

    We are experts in:

    - transportATION,
    - construction industry,
    - food industry,
    - IT,
    - logistics,
    - and more

    VGD Group

    We are an international company. Check our offices in other countries!