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    Payroll outsourcing services

    There never was a company without employees. They stand at the centre of any company. This is why employee satisfaction becomes increasingly important to many employers. One of the most crucial factors improving it is timely transfer of salaries. We guarantee that your payroll will be handled correctly and on time. Our years of expertise in providing payroll outsourcing services are represented by our list of long-term, satisfied clients.

    A well-led payroll will make any company run smoother. We would know – we manage more than six thousand wages every month!

    HR services:

    • drawing up contracts and documents related to the termination of employment
    • recruitment
    • assitance in organizing OHS trainings
    • keeping employee documentation

    Payroll services:

    • complete payroll processing, including taxes, social and health insurance, payroll configuration according to your requirements;
    • consignment of payroll slips in “discrete” envelopes;
    • prepared payment orders for making bank transfers for income tax, social and health insurance;
    • wage breakdown for bookkeeping;
    • transfer of net salary into employee accounts;
    • consultation in the area of Labour law, social security, health and pension insurance;
    • maintenance of personnel records and contacts with relevant authorities;
    • contact with tax authorities, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), National Labour Inspectorate (PIP)
    • reports for the management;
    • absolute confidentiality and a high standard of personal data security.

    A professional human resources and payroll department is a convenience not only for employees but also for employer.The constant changes in Labour Law cause confusion, in terms of both interpreting the changes and applying them. VGD clients who use our payroll outsourcing services do not have to worry about this, we have it all covered!

    Other services:

    Our vision

    We provide our customers with professional services, thoroughness included. When it comes to advisory, we strive to offer guidance, that we ourselves would find satisfactory for a renowned partner.

    We are experts in:

    - transportATION,
    - construction industry,
    - food industry,
    - IT,
    - logistics,
    - and more

    VGD Group

    We are an international company. Check our offices in other countries!