Accounting outsourcing for companies

Modern accounting in the hands of professionals

We take care of the accounting of hundreds of companies with various business profiles that do not want to invest time in accounting and taxes. Accounting outsourcing combined with modern tools guarantees not only the efficiency of processes but also the security of settlements. In this way, we gain valuable time that entrepreneurs devote to business development. In the meantime, we make sure that our clients do not get lost in Polish bureaucracy. Flexible, reliable and timely provision of services is the basis of our cooperation.

Why choose outsourcing?

Accounting and reporting are time-consuming for internal teams within a company. Some processes can be extremely complex, and solving problems requires experience and knowledge of extensive accounting regulations. Outsourcing with VGD allows you to reduce risk and costs because an irreplaceable team of 40 experts deals with a variety of issues daily. Therefore, we are always ready to pass on an unusual problem to someone who has already solved it.

This also means saving money for the customer. Hiring an accounting team involves higher costs than using outsourcing services. As a professional company dealing with taxes daily, we also have modern software facilities. This translates into optimization of the costs of accounting services while increasing efficiency when using automation in accounting. All calculations are reliable, which is due not only to the extensive knowledge of our specialists but also to proprietary programs that verify the correctness of the calculations.

Accounting outsourcing services:

  • Accounting assistance during the registration of companies and branches
  • Accounting and tax services for companies
  • Bookkeeping
  • Outsourcing of financial processes
  • Posting various types of accounting documents
  • Tax returns, ZUS (Social Insurance Institution).
  • Bookkeeping or taking over some accounting areas (e.g. preparation of transfers)
  • Withholding tax calculation
  • Registration in the database on products, packaging and waste management (BDO).


  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparing statistical reports
  • Preparing reports for the National Bank of Poland
  • Internal and external reporting

Support during audits:

  • Handling tax audits
  • Audit support

Other services:

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We respect the diversity among employees. We want our voice to be heard and thus spread awareness of changes that should be introduced in companies. We do not judge people by their: gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and other premises that may risk discriminatory behavior.


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Silver Winner BBC Award 2020 & 2021

Two times in a row we have been named ‘Silver Winner’ at the Belgian Business Chamber Award 2020 and 2021 - an annual competition organized by the Belgian Business Chamber. We were appreciated for: sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and support for Belgian business in Poland.