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    Our specialists are certified auditors with many years of experience gained in international advisory companies. Their experience and expertise in the scope of accounting, taxes and auditing build the capital of our company.

    In Poland VGD AUDYT provides auditing and other assurance services, transaction and business advisory.


    • Audit and review of separate and consolidated financial statements prepared in compliance with the Polish accounting principles
    • Audit and review of separate and consolidated financial statements prepared in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards or other local standards
    • Audit and review of group reporting packages prepared for the purpose of the group consolidation in compliance with the group accounting instructions


    • Audit of transformation, merger and division plans
    • Audit of reports of the founders of limited joint-stock companies
    • Audit at the time of establishing a joint-stock company and increasing the share capital
    • Audit of EU projects and programmes in the scope reserved to certified auditors
    • Other assurance services


    • Financial and tax due diligence
    • Advisory in takeovers, acquisitions, divisions and mergers of companies
    • Assistance in the acquisition and sale of companies
    • Expertise and economic analyses (business plans, financial models and projections)
    • Verification of financial reporting procedures
    • Valuation of companies and organized parts of enterprises
    • Valuation of brands and trademarks



    • Accounting advisory and support in the implementation of new and amended standards and their interpretation
    • Analysis of compliance with the accounting policy with Polish or International Financial Reporting Standards
    • Development of the accounting policy and chart of accounts
    • Consultations related to development of accounting processes and procedures
    • Support in the preparation of foreign group consolidation reporting packages
    • Advisory related to preparation of prospectuses and memoranda
    • Advisory in implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards and transformation of financial statements
    • Review and evaluation of the existing function of the Internal Audit
    • Audit of compliance with the business processes with internal standards and procedures

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    Our vision

    We provide our customers with professional services, thoroughness included. When it comes to advisory, we strive to offer guidance, that we ourselves would find satisfactory for a renowned partner.

    We are experts in:

    - transportATION,
    - construction industry,
    - food industry,
    - IT,
    - logistics,
    - and more

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