VGD won the BBC Award second time in a row – Belgian Days 2021

November 29, 2021

We have just finished celebrating the Belgian Days 2021 in Warsaw. We are touched by the amazing events organised by the Belgian Business Chamber and we would like to share it with you in this article. We invite you to read our coverage from events that are saved in our Stories on Instagram, in the “Events” tab:

Belgian King’s Day in Warsaw

15th November was unquestionably the best Monday of 2021! The first day of Belgian Days 2021 organised by the Belgian Business Chamber was very… Belgian, obviously! VGD celebrated Belgian King’s Day in Mniszech Palace surrounded by Belgian colours and traditional food. Eventually, we are back to offline meetins, celebrating important events with important people. 

Conference: “Real Estate – Today and Tomorrow”

The second spot to visit during the Belgian Days was CIC Warsaw where took the place the “Conference Real Estate: Today and Tomorrow”. The program included many interesting facts about the real estate market. The special guest was Mr. Pascal Smet, Secretary of State in the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region. Along with BNP Paribas Polska, JLL Poland, Kancelarią Sadkowski i Wspólnicy, POC Partner, Ghelamco oraz BPI Real Estate Polska we discussed current situation of real estate market as well as forecast taking into account the New Polish Deal. VGD is happy that sustainability topic was not omitted as we are very dedidcated to this part of business.

Business Mixer in Skyfall Warsaw on the 46th floor

Do you know how important Belgian Days in Poland are? They mean so much that the Skyfall Warsaw bar on the 46th floor has been opened for the first time especially for the Belgian Business Mixer. Is there any better place for a discussion on Belgian investments than the Skyfall’s movable glass platform hanging over Warsaw? Try to top that!

Pietr Swert’s concert “P.S. It’s just music” 

The walls of the Lutheran Holy Trinity Church were trembling as well as our hearts were, touched by music at the Belgian Gala Concert. “P.S. It’s just music” was a concert presented by Maestro Pietr Swerts. Belgian Days 2021 never disappoint when it comes to satisfying insatiable appetite for beautiful sounds.

Business breakfast of the BBC Business Women Club

Business women do not waste their mornings! VGD was a proud sponsor of the business breakfast organised by the BBC Business Women Club in one of the November mornings. The event was dedicated to discovering colors that govern our personalities. The knowledge on image building and communication was shared with us by Christian Dekoninck from MCE Management Centre Europe. Can the red be a good manager? Which color does prove about empathy? This workshop was full of emotional discussions and interactive brainstorming, indeed. This is the reason why such clubs as the BBC Business Women Club do exist – to educate and change the business, spicing it up with female sensitivity but also healthy strength. VGD support the club as well as working moms what you can see in the pictures: children were welcome.

VGD Silver Winner of the BBC Award 2021

For another year in a row, we tried our hand at the BBC Award 2021 competition organised by the Belgian Business Chamber. We were judged in 3 categories:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Innovation in business
  3. Creating value for Belgian business in Poland

After last year’s success, when we won the BBC Award 2020, we did not expect another award. But again, we managed to convince the jury that we deserved the title of the winner in the Silver Category. Below you can see our presentation, which also outlines the image of the VGD more precisely. Who we are? How do we do business? How do we care for employees and the environment? Why are we something more than an ordinary accounting office?

Usually in such situations one says: “there are no such words …”. That is so true! There are no words that can describe our gratitude and joy. It is a huge injection of motivation to reach for more. VGD is a small company, but we have the ambitions of a large corporation. Congratulations to all winners! Every year we carefully review all the presentations of the candidates for the award and we have to say one thing: you are our inspiration. We see your innovative ideas and wonder how we can apply them in our company. Thank you for raising the bar for us. It is an honor to compete with you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our CEO, Michaela Martinek, as she requires us to constantly develop and sees us as human beings not as a workforce. We thank also our employees for their commitment and willingness to participate in (sometimes crazy) events we come up with, despite they have so many professional duties and no time.  It really feels simply good to know that someone is seeing and appreciating actions we take.

Author: Martyna Gibzińska

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Silver Winner BBC Award 2020 & 2021

Two times in a row we have been named ‘Silver Winner’ at the Belgian Business Chamber Award 2020 and 2021 - an annual competition organized by the Belgian Business Chamber. We were appreciated for: sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and support for Belgian business in Poland.