We are the Signatory of the Diversity Charter!

November 17, 2020

“Diversity constitutes a fundamental value of the modern society.” – this is how the Responsible Business Forum describes the Diversity Charter, of which we became a Signatory on November 16, 2020. We are proud because the list of “diversity ambassadors” includes almost 300 companies and organizations. 300 is less than 1% of companies and organizations that are active on the Polish market. This is a carefully selected group.

Why does our company need such a card?

We want to contribute to the beautiful idea of ​​supporting diversity at work. We want our voice to be heard and thus spread awareness of changes that should be introduced in companies. Diversity policy is something we have identified with for a long time, but now we have learned about the Responsible Business Forum initiative and we want to go beyond the walls of our office with values ​​we believe in.

What is this diversity about?

We are not interested in your: gender, age, disability, health condition, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, denomination, non-denominational, political beliefs, trade union membership, psychosexual orientation, gender identity, family status, lifestyle, form, scope and basis of employment , other types of cooperation and other premises that risk discriminatory behavior.

How does VGD manifest support for diversity?

VGD is open to the diversity of employees. We do not judge people by their age, gender, disability, nationality, religion, etc. We judge them by their skills, dedication to work and respect for others. Our company hires foreigners and disabled people.

During recruitment process, we pay great attention to soft skills. We give a chance even to people without any experience. We do not discriminate interns – every job must be appreciated, which is why we are against unpaid internships. Each intern has a real impact on our company. The trainees do not either brew coffee or spend 8 hours scanning documents. We pass on to them not only our knowledge, but also share experience and values ​​that we nurture.

Our office is your second home

We are responsible. We are aware that we shape personality of people we employ. That is why we say “no” to mobbing! The employee is our greatest value. His or her emotions translate into the quality of our services, which is why we approach each one individually and care for their psychological comfort.

We give everyone equal opportunities for promotion and access to training. We invest in our employees by co-financing long-term courses and one-off trainings. Our employees know they can always count on us.

We try to create a comfortable office. We understand that besides work, every employee has a private life. Therefore, we assure them with task-based working time. Besides, in our company there is no problem with taking a day off or going out during work to pick up a sick child from kindergarten. What’s more, we encourage you to take your children to work – we provide them with a separate space, ensuring their comfort and safety. Women who decide to take parental leave do not have the slightest problem returning to their former job position. Thanks to “the work-life balance”, we do not treat work as a chore. Work becomes an enjoyable part of our life.

We support women in business

Our company employs women who have experienced – with previous employers – discrimination, based on their gender. Some of them heard that because they were giving birth to children, they could not take up a leadership position. We do not agree to such treatment! These experiences became the source for our activities to assist women in business. We support the BBC Business Women Club on a daily basis. It is a club of business women, aimed at developing communication skills and providing women with career-shaping workshops.

The Diversity Charter also means obligations

However, the Diversity Charter is not only about good-looking statements and adding a banner on your website. It means also duties. By becoming a Signatory, we undertake to systematically introduce the provisions of the Card in our company. We develop more and more detailed remuneration regulations, we plan activities to increase the awareness of diversity among employees. It also means regular reporting of activities and statistics. The Diversity Charter is a responsible dialogue with employees, but also with external companies.

Author: Martyna Gibzińska


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Signatory of the Diversity Charter

We respect the diversity among employees. We want our voice to be heard and thus spread awareness of changes that should be introduced in companies. We do not judge people by their: gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and other premises that may risk discriminatory behavior.


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