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Consignment stock vs. call off stock – changes in Poland 2020

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Consignment stock – changes in 2020

Starting from January 1, 2020, another amendment to the VAT regulations is enter into force. It includes among others the introduction of separate and unified regulations regarding the call off stock into the VAT Act. The call of stock is to replace the consignment stock in 2020. In Poland, the consignment stock operates as a call off stock. The introduction of terminological order will help eliminate doubts of foreign entrepreneurs about principles of the stock operation. Moreover, it will highlight differences that exist between two institutions.

Call off stock vs. consignment stock

Firstly, the difference is that when using a call off stock warehouse, the buyer is known before delivery. In case of the consignment stock the buyer is not yet known when the goods are delivered to the territory of another country. The most important change is that goods delivered to the call off stock can be used in commercial activities. Time allowed for storing goods in the stock is shortened from 24 to 12 months without having to collect them. After this time, a tax obligation arises.

Unification of the regulations on the call off stock in EU Member States will be a great help for entrepreneurs. It may cause that this type of stock will become more popular than before.

Author: Klaudia Gruchalska

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