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    VGD Invoicer

    Invoicing application

    We provide our clients with a unique opportunity: using a proprietary invoicing application. VGD Invoicer allows you to easily issue an unlimited number of invoices, as well as keep a record of buyers and a database of goods or services.

    Safety guarantee

    Connection with the National Bank of Poland and the so-called “White List” of the Ministry of Finance greatly simplifie invoicing. Direct participation of experienced accountants in the development process of the application guarantees full compliance with all requirements of the Polish legislation.


    In addition, VGD offers free application updates, resulting from law changes or customer’s request, e.g. creating a personalized invoice template.


    • low price
    • user-friendly interface, simple to manage
    • available in English version
    • possibility of issuing pro-forma invoices and duplicates
    • possibility of keeping your own database of goods and services

    Do you want to know how our application works? Do you need outsorcing accounting? Contact us!

    Reception: biuro@vgd.eu

    IT department: Mikita.Vaitsiashonak@vgd.eu

    Phone to the office: +48 22 885 90 05 OR +48 22 885 90 06

    Signatory of the Diversity Charter

    We respect the diversity among employees. We want our voice to be heard and thus spread awareness of changes that should be introduced in companies. We are not interested in you: gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and other premises that may risk discriminatory behavior.


    We are experts in:

    - transportation,
    - construction industry,
    - food industry,
    - IT,
    - logistics,
    - and more.

    Silver Winner BBC Award 2020

    We’re excited to have been named ‘Silver Winner’ at the Belgian Business Chamber Award 2020 - an annual competition organized by the Belgian Business Chamber. We were appreciated for: sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and support for Belgian business in Poland.