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We are glad that you take care of your privacy. We want to provide you with the highest comfort and safety when using our website Therefore, we have created rules for the use of cookies.


Our website uses cookies (“cookies”). Cookies are small text information stored on your end device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone) that can be read by our IT system or the IT system of third parties. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, their storage time on the end device and a unique number.
We distinguish the following cookies (“cookies”) on the website:

  1. Necessary cookies – they are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. This category only includes files that ensure the basic functionality of the website and security. These files do not store any personal data. According to Art. 173 section 3 of the Telecommunications Act, we do not need to obtain your consent for these files.
  2. Functional cookies – they help perform certain functions such as sharing website content on social media, collecting responses or other third-party features.
  3. Performance cookies – are used to understand and analyse key site performance indicators, which helps provide a better user experience for visitors.
  4. Analytical cookies – These cookies are used to track and analyse how users interact with our website. They provide us with valuable information about the number of users, number of sessions, bounce rate, and other relevant statistics. With this data, we can develop better ways to tailor our content to your needs and preferences.
  5. Marketing cookies – they ensure that our advertisements are tailored to the user’s interests. They track your activities on the website and allow for personalized advertising.
  6. Other – not matching any of the above. category, e.g. COMPASS

You can obtain more information about individual types of cookies, e.g. how long individual files are stored, via the “Cookie settings” option when accepting or rejecting cookies when entering the website.


During your first visit, a message appears at the bottom of our website regarding the cookies (we may also use the name “cookies”) that we use. The duration of consent varies for individual file categories. After the time for which you consented has passed, you will be asked again for consent to the use of cookies. You can change the settings in your browser or delete cookies at any time, but remember that disabling or limiting the use of cookies may cause problems when using our website.

Clearing, allowing and managing cookies in individual web browsers:


When using our website, a message about cookies appears at the bottom of the screen. You can object to the collection of cookies on our website by clicking “Reject all” or through “Cookie settings” and marking individual file categories as “disabled”.


We use Google Analytics provided by Google. It is used to keep statistics for our website, and the exact operation and privacy policy of Google Analytics can be found at:,

You can prevent the recording of cookies relating to our website by installing the browser plug-in:


We use marketing tools available on Facebook and Instagram, provided by Meta. Using the above-mentioned tools, we create advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.
When using remarketing and ad personalization, we use the Pixel Meta option, which automatically collects information about your use of our website, including the subpages you view.
The information collected by Pixel Facebook is anonymous. So we cannot identify you, but we know how you moved around our website. However, Meta may combine the information collected for us with other information about you that it collected when you use Facebook or Instagram and use it for its own purposes, including marketing ones.


To optimize our website, we use the SmartLook tool provided by, s.r.o., Milady Horakove 13, Brno, 602 00, Czech Republic. We need it to analyse your behaviour on our websites, e.g. the subpages you visit, the time you spend on the website, etc.

SmartLook collects information about your IP (anonymized), browser type, language, location, etc. SmartLook will not use this information to identify you. More information:

You can object to the collection of data about you by SmartLook by visiting this page:


We use a plug-in that allows us to share our articles via social networking sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. All websites can store your data and send it to servers in the USA and store it there. This applies to:

  • when displaying articles, your browser connects to the servers of the mentioned social networking sites, triggering information that our website was viewed from your IP, regardless of whether you have an account on a given site.
  • when displaying articles, your browser connects to the servers of the mentioned social networking sites, triggering information that our website was displayed from your IP, even if you are not logged in to your account.
  • if you have an account on one of the above-mentioned websites and you are logged in to this account when visiting our website, the administrator of a given social networking website will connect your profile with data from our website regarding, among others: visited subpages, shared articles from our website, clicks on “Like” buttons, etc.

Articles from our website shared on these websites, as well as any reactions to our articles, will be published on a given social networking site on your account. More details can be found from individual suppliers:

Please be advised that you can completely prevent the plug-ins we use from loading on our website by installing extensions for your browser.

Signatory of the Diversity Charter

We respect the diversity among employees. We want our voice to be heard and thus spread awareness of changes that should be introduced in companies. We do not judge people by their: gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and other premises that may risk discriminatory behavior.


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Silver Winner BBC Award 2020 & 2021

Two times in a row we have been named ‘Silver Winner’ at the Belgian Business Chamber Award 2020 and 2021 - an annual competition organized by the Belgian Business Chamber. We were appreciated for: sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and support for Belgian business in Poland.